Painting And Sewing Get Married

summer time in Ottawa
The joys of Ottawa summer time

Already June is coming to an end.  Can’t believe it right.  I mean our summer in Ottawa this year started way to late, and of course it’s rained so much.

I had becomed used to having our summers start in March or early April most years recently and the humidity coming in right about in May.  Our summers have been good to us lasting right to end of October and sometimes even December right.  Remember just a year or two ago we had a green Christmas for first time in history…… well at least my history 🙂

So what have we been up to.


It’s been a busy year for us as house painters in Ottawa , and for this we are thankful.  We are currently booked solid until September and we’ve got clients already booked for November.  We feel so blessed and fortunate and we thank our Ottawa community for their support of our local house painting company.

I’ve been busy updating and maintaining our website and posting new blog articles on topics like how to paint,  painters advice ,  paint colour trends in Ottawa homes, to explaining the differences between different paints, paint problems and solutions and more.  Check out our new website and all our blog articles.  Give them a share if you like them and find them useful, as I would appreciate it as I have worked long and hard on both. 🙂  I’ll keep adding more on a weekly basis so check back often for useful information.

Please and Thank You in there of course  🙂

So enough with the painting stuff already,  right?

two people just resting on ground from exhaustion after house painting
Time to Rest and Chill
House Painting is Done

I had promised in my last blog that I was gonna start posting stuff about decorating and home decor and actually even maybe an italian recipe every so often.

Well I’ve got both combined in this one  🙂 Hope you enjoy

shows a patio chair lounger for outdoors in Ottawa
backyard patio furniture

Here we go.  So many of us have outdoor patio furniture right.  Whether it has the chair pads or not, if you leave them outside in our cold Ottawa winters they get damaged.

The cold, the humidity and the weight of the snow ends up corroding the steel or iron they’re made of.  Even those pvc ones get ruined.  They start to look grungy from being left out all the time especially in the winter, but all it really is, is they’ve been damaged from the environment.  The sun, the rain, the snow, they all play a harsh game on them especially if you leave them outside over the winter months.

Painting and Sewing are Married

You know you can always paint the pvc ones right?  Yup a simple can of spray paint, in whatever colour you want them to be will give you at least another year or two of use from them.

I had sprayed our pvc ones years ago.  Of course it was before iphones and online photo saving.  The pictures are probably buried somewhere in my basement, but i won’t go digging them up just now 🙂

piggy bank for saving money
saved every penny

Over the years I saved and saved until I had enough to buy myself some new patio chairs and loungers, for my backyard and front porch.

Here’s the scoop tho.  I paid dirt cheap for them because……  i waited until the summer was done and the stores were clearing out their summer stock. I ended up buying Gluckstein loungers at the now closed Home Outfitters store on Merivale Road in Ottawa.  They were selling them for $600.00 a piece and I bought the last two when I happened to walk in one day and they were clearing them out.  I paid $225.00 for both of them.  It was a lucky day, for me finding these cozy padded loungers.

So that was my first steal.

A few days later I went into the Zellers, again now closed on Merivale Road and low and behold there was this gorgeous 4 piece set.  It included 2 chairs and two foot rests.  They were originally selling them for $425.00, guess how much i paid for them?

lady thinking about guessing cost
Guess how much ?

Only $150.00 for all four pieces.  I KNOW RIGHT ???   I was so thrilled I had all the pieces I wanted for my backyard patio furniture set and got them all at a real bargoon.

Here’s all the two sets i bought for under $400.00 for all 7 pieces

So, of course now I thought I was on a roll so I kept going to stores every few days until I found a wicker set of chairs at our local Canadian Tire store  on Merivale Road.  Oh by the way it’s still open  🙂

I found a gorgeous set of 2 wicker chairs with a little ottoman or more like a little table to put your drinks on is what i use it for.  Again it was like over $400.00 at regular price and i got the three pieces for $150.00.

Well these worked for the first year, as i made sure to bring the cushions indoors to save them from the elements.  On year two, life just happened and got too busy and I ended up forgetting them outside over the winter.  Needless to say they weren’t looking to nice anymore.


To save myself some money and not have to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on buying a new patio set and chairs for our front porch, and new chairs and loungers for our backyard I decided to bring back my home economics class skills back.

potatoe cries over cut fries
Seriously had no idea what I was doing in home cooking & sewing class

Honestly, I didn’t think I would ever learn anything in that class 🙂 LOL!!  LOL!!! my friend and I would skip that class as much as possible on most days, but i guess i was there on sewing days.  🙂   Oh to be young again….  i’d do it again !!! LOL LOL

No but seriously tho, i wanted to save money in not buying new furniture so i decided i was going to make slip covers for all the chairs and the loungers in my backyard as well as my front porch.

So the covers they originally came in I don’t have a picture of them but they were all beige.  After I year, i made new covers and here’s the backyard set after a year with the then new covers.

these were the covers i sewed for the set after just one year.

Again I left them all outside over the winter months and by the following year they were looking even worse then when I made these orangey cover thing a ma bobs ???

So last year again end of summerish, I bought some more material at Fabric Land near the Loblaws store on Baseline and Merivale Roads.  Because of end of season and I took the end of the roll sale ones I got a bargain on the material too.  What should have cost me over $400.00 in fabric alone I got all the material I needed to cover the two loungers, the loveseat, the two chairs in the backyard plus the two wicker chairs and the two chairs on the front porch all for $120.00 approx.

So here’s what they look like today.  I won’t go on with a step by step instruction because I know I talk to much and it’s the same when I’m writing I can go on forever.  My children always say what should be a 20 second story takes me at least 3 minutes.

Here’s this years new slip covers with zippers that I can just remove this fall and throw into the wash and I don’t care if the chairs sit out all winter, cause come spring i’ll just zip up the new covers over them.

That’s it that’s all.  New patio furniture at a fraction of the price.

Oh wait, before I go, my facebook friends had asked me to share the recipe to my homemade gelato that I made just last night.  It’s one main ingredient and the flavours you can make are endless.

Here’s the recipe.

You need three bananas for every batch of different flavour you want to make

Peel and cut ripe banana into chunks and lay it out on a cookie sheet, freeze them until they are frozen 🙂 other wise you get mush.

Last night I made banana walnut and maple syrup gelato

Put the three peeled and frozen chunks of banana into a blender or a do it all machine like a cuisineart or whatever they are called.  I got one of the Ninja things at the costco on huntclub. It’s the best it blends, crushes and kneads dough when i want it to

So ya without going off track again.  three frozen banana chunks into blender

Add 1tsp. of vanilla, add however many walnuts you like, and about 2 or 3 tbsp. of maple syrup.  Turn on the blender, and watch it cream all together in under 5 minutes.

It literally takes 5 minutes from start to finish.  Once it’s all blended and creamy textured like a gelato anywhere, just scoop it into a container, you can try it then or throw it into the freezer to enjoy whenever you want.

So as long as you use the three bananas as your base, you can add strawberries, chocolate chips or chunks, you can make a blueberry gelato, heck you can spice it up I guess if you wanted to with a touch of your favourite liquor.  Enjoy it, it’s actually good for you cause the only sugar is from the natural ingredients, no additives and no preservatives.

Ciao for now

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Till next time this is Pina G.

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