Home Renos and TV Shows

Home Renovations

We all enjoy watching the famous tv shows on Home Renos and improvements. But do they really portray the what it’s really like to live through a home renovation?

stairway paint colour and entrance and foyer repaint
picture source = house beautiful .com

We found this article on how some of the TV shows are put together and what they do and do not show behind the scenes of real home renos. You’ll find the link at the bottom of this post.


Painting or repainting your house is one of the least expensive ways to upgrade/improve your curb appeal and the value of your home.  Whether you’re just moving in to a new house or your putting up for sale in the Ottawa Real Estate Market, painters can help you achieve the look your are after with paint colours.  See the article on what home improvements or renos are worth investing in your home

Of course we all know that we can’t believe everything we see on T.V.

It’s obvious to all of us that there are time constraints as well as promotional factors that affect the way certain home decor, renovations and home improvement shows are run.

You’ll find some great house painting tips if you’re planning on DIY it or you can book with a professional painter in Ottawa .  If your budget allows hiring a professional provides you the stress free and affordable home improvement you’ve been thinking about doing.

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Although, i must say i’m still a huge fan of all of them. I enjoy getting ideas on what’s trending in paint colours, interior home decor and design, accessories for interior decorating and more.

So the link below is from the real website and it goes into further detail. You be the judge as to whether you’ll still watch the shows in spite of the not so accurate portrayal as described in the link. Opinions expressed on the link from realdaily . com are not those of PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters.

Source: 5 little ‘lies’ HGTV has been telling viewers that affect the market big time





What is your Colour Personality

What is your Colour Personality?

Do you ever wonder about why you choose certain colours lets say for fashion, in the car you buy or the paint colour you choose when painting your house.

We all know that colours are a big influence on our decisions for making choices.  The colours we chose say a lot about our personality and your outlook on life itself.  Take for example someone who melts for the colour yellow.  That individual is thought to have an optimistic and energetic personality while the individual who tends to choose the colour purple might be more of a gentle, reserved and mellow person.

Which colour best describes your personality from the list below.

the colour orange
The meaning of the colour Orange

Playful, high energy and kindhearted best describe someone who loves the colour orange.  It is believed that they enjoy an active lifestyle. The colour also reflects their caring, warm and giving spirit.  Someone with this personality makes a great friend and a good listener.  It’s also believed they enjoy being the centre of attention and therefore make great public speakers.  A few words that describe the orange personality are: Playful, Energetic, Generous, Openminded.

the colour blue
The meaning of the colour Blue

Sincere, kind and sympathetic are a few of the characteristics of the blue personality.  Sensitive, calm and the love of being around tranquil blue waters gives them that connection to the great outdoors.  Being surrounded by the beauty of nature brings balance to their lives amidst the chaos of the outside world of which they tend to stay far away from. They are hopeless romantics and believe in hope, faith and the good in their hearts to spread the love and joy to others by doing good on a continual basis.  A few words to describe the blue personality are: Idealistic, Romantic, Loyal and Empathetic.

the colour red
The meaning of the colour red
Passionate, dominant and ambitious is the colour red personality trait. They are filled with ambition and direction and are 100% confident of themselves and their goals in life.  Firecracker is a commonly used word to describe the red colour personality.  They are a no-no-nonsense type of individual who is not afraid to voice their opinion.  As strong willed and determined a red might be they have many friends but are only close with a small few.  They are committed and loyal to friends and family.  A few words to describe the red personality are: Passionate, Ambitious, Confident and Determined.


the colour yellow
The meaning of the colour yellow

Yellow best describes an optimist. This personality is an idealist and very practical.  They are caring and responsible individuals who would do anything for a friend or even a stranger if possible. It is believed they thrive on being generous, kind, responsible and trusting.  They are not pessimistic or negative and believe in the Karma of being kind, thoughtful and generous to all, will bring them the same.  A few words that describe the yellow personality are: Responsible, Faithful, Helpful, and Sensible.

the colour purple
The meaning of colour purple

Artistic, creative dreamers describe the purple personality characteristic. Those who fit this profile are very emotional and sensitive.  Their minds are always curious and imaginative.  They enjoy their solitude where they can be creative in their passions. Whether it may drawing, painting or writing their creativity is bountiful.  Gentle and peaceful traits of the purple personality makes them trusted and compassionate friends. Words to describe the purple personality are: Charismatic, Sensitive, Gentle and Supportive.

the colour green
The Meaning of the Colour Green

The love of nature and endless curiosity of the world and people around them.  The green colour personality characteristic best describes those that are extremely grounded in who they are.  Highly intellectual, yet very sarcastic and have relationships with only those who truly understand and appreciate them for who they are. Words to describe the green personality are: Powerful, Intellectual, Curious and Introverted

As we can see those that fit the colour personality characteristics choose their colours wisely and with deep thought.

Perhaps this is why some of us choose certain colours when we buy a new coat or dress, a new car or even when choosing a paint colour.  See how you can accentuate your house, room or space with colour.  If your hiring a painter in Ottawa you can also ask about paint colour consultation and which paint sheens are most suited for your particular project.

So which colour best describes you or someone you know?

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Supporting Local Ottawa Humane Society

Supporting Local Ottawa Humane Society

Thanks to everyone who has followed and liked our Facebook Page. In honour of our 1000th Facebook Fan for  PG PAINT & DESIGN  we are thrilled to have made a donation in honorarium of Micheline Sabourin who was our 1000th fan.

Thanks for being our 1000th facebook fan for PG PAINT & DESIGN

We reached out to Micheline and asked her to chose a charity of her choice that we could donate in her honour a $25.00 donation. We are thrilled and honoured to be supporting our Local Ottawa Humane Society

We love animals, in fact we’ve had Scoobie our Cockatiel for over 16 years now. We hope our small contribution helps an animal in whichever way the society deems fit.


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Fall Home Decor Ideas

Fall Home Decor Ideas

Looking for Fall Home Decor Ideas.  Decorating and Painting are a perfect combination to change things up around the house.

brown painted bedroom
Source House

Painting in shades of pumpkin, rust and maple as in the picture above are a perfect combination for any room in the house.  Repaint your guest bedroom in a soft brown and accessorize with some light colours in a maple shade and add  in some rust or pumpkin orange for that punch of colour.  The paint colour will last for years and then you can simply change the accessories for any season of the year with different colours.

Kids room paint ideas for repainting
Source House Beautiful .com

Beautiful Rust or burgundy paint colours in this kid’s bedroom or study.

painted mudroom, orange paint in a room
Source House Beautiful .com

Nothing says welcome back from that walk, school or work when you walk into this brightly orange painted mudroom.

Fall Home Decor Ideas
Source House

Another way to spice up your space with paint colour.  The Benjamin Moore Paint in Onyx used on the stairway railing and steps makes for an attractive addition to the rust painted walls of this entrance and foyer area of this house.

Read some of our helpful articles on tips on how to choose paint colours.

Find your favourite paint colours, visit to schedule your next house painting in Ottawa.  We look forward to hearing from you.  If you need help with the colour choices we’re here to help.

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Light, Reflection and Paint Colour

Light,Reflection and Paint Colour

LRV which is Light Reflectance Value.  It is the amount of light reflected or absorbed by the paint applied on the wall or ceiling surface.

Paint Colour and how light affects it The LRV
Light Reflection Value and Paint Colours Source: photo Google Images

The reflection of light, whether from natural or artificial sources changes the colour of how your paint looks.

Choosing colours is mostly based on how the paint colour makes you feel. Does it set the mood for comfort, tranquility, modern, contemporary or classic home decor.  Although homeowners usually base their choice of paint colours on a personal basis there is a scientific one as well.  Many professional painters, homestaging, home decor, interior designers, colour consults and even real estate agents will often advise or recommend using the base of LRV.  Watch the video below for more information on how you may want to know the LRV  before painting your house.

A useful video that explains What You Need to Know About LRV and all the relevant factors to consider when choosing paint colours and the lighting in the rooms.

If you’re planning on doing your own house painting or redecorating you may want to take some of the professional tips shared in the video.  Make a smart move by checking out a rooms LRV is a great starting point to help you choose the right paint colours.

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) can usually be found on the labels of paint cans or paint chip samples.


choosing paint colours


You can also find more information and tips on our articles for  choosing paint colours  and house painting tips to ensure you get the best looking result possible for your DIY painting project.  If you’re looking to hire a professional paint contractor in Ottawa, we’d love to help.  Simply visit us at to schedule a paint estimate and a paint colour consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Read ourhouse painting tips and advice from PG Paint & Design
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Home Accessability and Renovations

Home Accessability and Renovations

Life brings challenges and changes, and sometimes these changes require us to make renovations and improvements to our home.  This happened in our family just two years ago when my mother had a stroke. Making the necessary home accessability and renovations is one thing we could do to help mom regain a new normal.

get paint colour ideas from a flower or a picture. Painting your house

After her two week stay in hospital, her arrival home was a huge change for all the family.  We needed to adapt to how things would now be different.

Mom couldn’t walk, so we bought a wheelchair, she couldn’t climb steps outside the home so we added a ramp, so that we could push the wheelchair up and eventually when she got to use a walker she could push the walker up the ramp.  Little did we know it would take about 4 months post stroke before she started using the walker.  So the ramp was very convenient for family members and care takers to push her around in the wheelchair.

Around the 8 month mark she was getting better at managing the walker somewhat.  She would be upset cause she would bump into the walls leave scuff marks or dents but it wasn’t an issue because we are in the painting and drywall repair business those were easy fixes.

We had to to ensure that all her needs were taken care of so that she could recover at her own pace and hopefully progress with therapy.  We made sure to get a special toilet seat with handles, a chair that grips in the shower, hand grips/bars in the shower and in the bathroom, in the bedroom and in the kitchen in order for her to be able to support herself as she tried to get back a new daily routine.  A stair lift was installed so that eventually she could go to the basement of her home.  It’s surprising all the little things we take for granted until they change on us.

So although as mentioned above we have the expertise in being able to repair any drywall and repainting the room or rooms where new equipment was installed we have to say that we came across an amazing local Ottawa business who takes really good care of all your mobility and access requirements for any situation.  We introduce you to The Good Access Company 

The Good Access Company is a home health care company with over 40 years combined experience in the field of helping clients find the best solutions for their home and accessibility needs.

home accessability and renovations
The Good Access Company, local Ottawa business is making a difference in people’s lives.

Their primary goal is to provide the finest equipment, customer service and care.  Committed to helping people increase freedom and mobility by providing the necessary equipment for their situation.

Their website provides all sorts of information and links to support your needs.

Funding Support  providing you with all the local Ottawa funding and support programs

Government of Canada Website  providing all the access to information you may need for disability application

Ontario’s Home Renovation Tax Credit Find out if you qualify for a Ontario Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit.  If you have made recent changes to your home to make it more easily accessible and provide you ease of mobility you may qualify.

Visit The Good Access Company full list of equipment and supplies for all your equipment purchases and or rentals. They are located in Ottawa’s West End just off Hunt Club Road and Prince of Wales Drive.

Home Improvement, Repairs, Painting

As mentioned at the beginning of our story, where mom was upset with all the damage she would cause with her walker or wheelchair, having all the necessary equipment and safe environment for her was our priority.

We made sure to fix all the bumps and dents and then repainted where necessary.  If you need our house painting services or drywall repairs after having equipment installed or changes made to your home, please feel free to contact us, our house painting service areas in Ottawa are more likely available in a neighborhood near you.   We know how it is as we’ve been through it ourselves and we’re here to help as are the good folks at Good Access.

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Till next time

UPDATE:  it’s now been 2 years and 5 months since mom’s stroke, and we are thrilled to say that she’s come along way.  She’s walking with and without her walker somedays.  She’s become stronger again, but she couldn’t have done it without all the physio, homecare, and the equipment installed to make her life easier and regain her strength and we’re grateful to have celebrated her 84th birthday this past april.

Ciao for now, hope you found this helpful.

Pina G.





Pro Painting Tips

Want to know the secrets for painting like the pros?  As your professional house painters in the Ottawa area with over 30+ years experience we share our pro painting tips with you so that you may get awesome results even if you’re a DIY painter.

Painters Tips

painting tools used by house painters
Proper tools make all the difference for professional painting results

It starts with making sure you have the proper tools for that next house painting job. Here are a few pro painting tips we have to share with you to get the best quality paint project done around your home.

Painting Tools Needed

  1. Make sure you buy painter’s tape if you are diy painting.  It’ll make a huge difference if you’re not wanting any paint spillage from wall to ceiling or walls to trim.
  2. Ensure you buy a good quality paint brush and paint roller.  Go ahead and splurge because if you cheap out on those two tools the end result will not make you happy. Cheap paint brushes leave behind hairs or fibers as do the cheaper rollers.  Don’t buy them at the dollar store.  As enticing as the low cost of them is they aren’t going to give you the professional painting results you want for your home and you will run into paint problems.
  3. Make sure you have a putty knife and some  putty filler so that you can fill in any small holes like hanging pictures make when you remove them or small scratches, dents in the drywall that a small application of the filler will cover nicely.  Of course if you have bigger gaps, holes or broken or damaged drywall then you’re going to need a trowel and drywall compound.  Drywall repairs require more time and attention before any paint application see our article on Touch Up Painting or Repaint to see reasons why proper drywall repairs is key to a smooth finish.

drywall patches need to be repaired before painting

PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painter are meticulous about getting all the prep work done first.  Ensuring all the flaws are fixed before any paint is applied to the walls.  Here’s a few more painters tips for getting that next house painting job done just like the professionals painting contractors.

Quality Primer and Paint makes all the difference

kilz stainblocker in spray can format is good for small spots or stains
Kilz Original in a spray can is ideal to cover a small spot or stain on the ceiling or in the wood grains of baseboards and trim.

paint primer and sealer in gallon used by painters in ottawa for house painting

Kilz Original in a gallon can is perfect for restoring a stained ceiling.  One that has not been painted in a very long time, one that has water or smoke damage to it.  It comes in it’s original white but it can be stained in any paint colour necessary to get the result you’re after.  There also is a spray can format of which is great to use on small stains and spots like on the ceiling or on the knots in the wood of the baseboards, frames or trim.

There is a huge difference between the quality of the paint and primer you choose.  Don’t believe all the hype with the primer and paints in one.  It really does not get the job done as professionally as you may think.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to quality paint and primer products as you’ll regret the choices made.  Splurge on the better product professionals use and you’ll get better results for your house painting.

Wall Prep before painting

PG PAINT & DESIGN house painters in Ottawa offer the following suggestions to ensure a smooth finish to your painted walls.

Start by sanding all the trim and baseboards using a sponge sanding block or sheet of sandpaper.  This ensures you remove any bumps and imperfections.  Using either or the sanding block or sheet of sandpaper will be a choice preference but both will give you the smooth finish you want before you apply the paint

sanding block or sandpaper used by house painters to remove imperfections on walls before painting

Make sure you repair any drywall damage, with either spackling compound if it’s a small area to be repaired or use the pre mixed drywall compound or powdered drywall bag to be mixed with water.

drywall compound used by painters for drywall repairs before house paintingdry mix for drywall repairs needs water added before applying to drywall repairs

Make sure all trim around the windows, doors and the baseboards is properly sealed with caulking.

painters use caulking for professional house painting results on trim around windows doors baseboards and trim

House Painters and painting is the one thing you want to make sure you have the very best of.  It’s truly an art form that requires skill, knowledge, experience craftsmanship and discipline.  It makes all the difference when hiring a professional house painter in Ottawa who pays attention to detail and makes a difference in how your house painting results turn into an investment for you to enjoy for years to come.

Hope these tips have been helpful for your next diy painting project.  If you’re looking for a painting contractor give us a call or email.

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Till next time

Ciao for now

Pina G.