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Supporting Your Local and Independently Owned Trades is key to growing our Community together. CONTACT US for your painting needs in Otawa

Every local community has a story, a unique personality, and it’s small scale, family run businesses that most often promote the community and make contributions to the neighborhoods  distinctive character.

Small, independent businesses offer diverse products and services, creating and sustaining economic resilience. When you support local Ottawa businesses, you deepen the connection to your own community. See the following article to see the difference of supporting local and independent businesses in your community.  Albeit the article is american we believe it applies the same to Canadian businesses.

Did You Know that when you support Local Ottawa

  • approximately 48 cents of every dollar spent at a locally owned  business goes back into the local community. That’s more than three times the amount that local economies recover from chain or franchised companies  — Civic Economics’ 2012 survey of local businesses

From our Canadian Government as recent as Jan 2015 the 5 key factors to supporting local Canadian small business facts taken from the website Government of Canada Website

    1. Small and medium-sized businesses represent 99.8 percent of all businesses in Canada, account for nearly 9 of every 10 jobs in the private sector, and contribute 39 percent to our private sector gross domestic product.
    2. Under Digital Canada 150, the Business Development Bank of Canada will allocate an additional $200 million to support small and medium-sized businesses with digital technology adoption and an additional $300 million in venture capital for companies in the ICT sector.
    3. Support for the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program will increase to $100 million to help entrepreneurs take the next step in developing their businesses.
    4. The new Small Business Job Credit is expected to save small businesses more than $550 million over the next two years.
    5. The Government of Canada has lowered the corporate income tax rate from over 22 percent in 2001 to 15 percent in 2012, making it easier for small andmedium-sized enterprises to grow, prosper and create jobs.

PG Paint & Design – Ottawa House Painters is your Local, Independently Owned and Operated Residential House Painting Business.  We are in a community near you.  We serve the Ottawa and surrounding areas.  We are your neighbors, and we look forward to serving our community, whether it’s Barrhaven, Nepean, Ottawa, Manotick, Stittsville, Kanata, Orleans and everything in between we are your Ottawa House Painters with reliability, maturity, trusting and professional.

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Thank You for supporting our Local Ottawa House Painting Business PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa Painters
Thank You for supporting our Local Ottawa House Painting Business






What is the Difference with all the Paint Finishes you ask???

PAINT FINISHES – FLAT, SATIN, EGGSHELL, SATIN, SEMI-GLOSS, GLOSS  which to choose.  Have you wondered what is between the different paint finishes.  We explain here the difference between the most common so that you will know when your painter or paint store is asking you what kind of paint finishes would you like on your walls?  Your chosen professional house painter should guide you through each one when you are choosing your paint colours and be able to explain which is best suited for your house and individual needs.

Here are a few guidelines/suggestions to choosing your paint finish.

Flat Finish   is a good concealer.  Flat/matte paint is best used on surfaces requiring less frequent washing.  The FLAT finish paint conceals most flaws and makes the Flat finish a better choice for older walls.  FLAT/MATTE finish is ideal for dining, living, bedrooms and closets.

Matte/Flat Paint Finish
Matte/Flat Paint Finish PG PAINT & DESIGN Barrhaven Townhouse Painting, Ottawa Painters


Satin and Eggshell Paint Finish is best for busy most used areas because of it’s easy maintenance.  A simple wiping up of most fingerprints or dirt with just a damp cloth does it for this paint finish.

Eggshell Paint Finish
Eggshell Paint Finish Ottawa House Painting – PG PAINT & DESIGN




Semi-Gloss paints are durable as well as washable.  With a slight visible shine it is ideal for trim, baseboards, woodwork or cabinetry.  It is recommended for high moisture areas because of the ease of cleanup.  Just make sure to ask for a mildew resistant formula for these high moisture areas like the Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa Paint 

Satin paint finish is very easy to keep clean again with just a damp cloth and can also handle soap if required.

Gloss Paint Finish    gives you the highest level of shine and durability.  For the trim, baseboards, doors or other architectural elements you’d like highlighted this would be the finish choice.  Gloss paint is very durable and can take on more dirt and elbow grease to remove the dirt afterwards.  It is the strongest finish but also the shiniest.


GLOSS Paint Finish for Ottawa House Painting - PG PAINT & DESIGN House Painters in Ottawa
GLOSS Paint Finish PG PAINT & DESIGN – Ottawa House Painters Interior & Exterior House Painting







For all your Interior and Exterior House Painting, Visit PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters and schedule your next home painting project with professional paint and drywall repairs expert.  We also offer paint colour consultation for paint colours or paint finishes. We Use high quality paint products from the Benjamin Moore Lines

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Paint Colour of the Year for 2015 by Benjamin Moore


Guilford Green by Benjamin Moore Paints
The Colour of the Year for 2015 by Benjamin Moore Paints 2015 Color Trends

HC-116 GUILFORD GREEN by Benjamin Moore

Where do you envision incorporating this stunning shade of green, selected as the Paint Color of the Year for 2015
Do you see it in your Kitchen, or in your bedroom to create a calming and relaxing spot at the end of each day.

Imagine it in your living room or family room where it’ll be relaxing and cozy to read a book or watch t.v., or create a spa like feeling in a bathroom or a calming colour  in a nursery.  It’s a perfect shade of paint colour to compliment any room in your home.

If you need ideas on choosing paint colours visit the Benjamin Moore For Your Home Personal Colour Viewer here to see all the varieties of tones and shades for all paint colours.
For all your ‪‎home painting‬ needs call or email us Ottawa House Painters at Call or Email Us to book for our free estimate and paint colour consultation.
PG PAINT & DESIGN is your ‪Local Ottawa House Painters  and we look forward to working with you on your next home painting/decorating project.

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Different shades and tones to help choose paint color
Different shades and tones photo courtesty of

Paint is an essential component of every home decor.  It  is an inexpensive way to creatively decorate and transform any room of your home. Whether its interior painting or exterior it’s a quick and easy alternative to making an impact to any room in your house.  Whether you are selling your home and need to stage it for the new home buyers, or you are moving in to your new home, condo, loft, apartment or home-office space PG Paint & Design – Ottawa House Painters can help you every step of the way.

You can make any room look bigger, cooler or warmer and cozier just by choosing the paint colours.  It’s not an easy task that is for sure.  We provide you assistance in going through the colour paint chip books and you can also go online to the Benjamin Moore Website colour collections .  If you have any questions we can guide you through the colors, help you choose what your desired look is and then we go through it together with you before we purchase the paint.  We want you to be sure of your choices and comfortable before you make that final decision.  Anyone can pick a paint colour, but it’s not always easy to tell off a small paint chip samples.  This is why we at PG Paint & Design – your Ottawa House Painters, will often suggest that you look at your colour choices in variety of lighting situations.  Some colours may look darker in low lighting while they may not look dark enough in bright sunlight or under bright lighting.

Choosing Paint Colors requires some knowledge of colors, tones and how shades affect a space and after 30 years of experience in the painting industry in the Ottawa area, we can guarantee you our guidance and expertise.  Of course the final decision is yours to make, as you are the homeowner and are the one who has to live with the colour(s) each day, therefore our suggestions are merely a way of guiding, and then you finalize the choice. Your personal taste is a major part of your home painting project.

Prior to selecting colors, it is important to examine the size, shape, contents, and function of the rooms to be painted.  Painting a new colour can compliment any room by working with the existing space and its features. The colour(s), shade and tone of the chosen paint colour will create an atmosphere in the room.  Whether it’s is a lighter colour giving the sense of space, a darker color giving you a cozier, warmer feel, or even an accent/focal wall, which is one wall is painted darker and the other three are in a lighter shade/tone of the same paint colour chosen.

Why not get more creative? Don’t hesitate to experiment with your interior painting ideas. Unique, custom paint jobs are quite popular and can really make a room outstanding. Here are a couple of creative ideas you may want to reflect on:

Accent Walls: they can actually compliment your other three walls by covering a fourth wall with a bolder, contrasting shade.

Accent wall is painted darker grey than ceiling and other walls by PG PAINT & DESIGN-Ottawa Painters
Painting Accent wall is darker grey than ceiling and other walls

Unusual Surfaces:  Why not paint your floors, ceilings,  cabinets, or wood paneling? It’s interesting to turn these overlooked areas into unique central focal points.

Whether luxurious or simplistic, modern or classic,  your home is your go to place after a long day, and your walls are our canvass to showcase our expert painting skills. We at PG Paint & Design, your local Ottawa, Independently Owned and Operated House Painters look forward to being of service to you. You can find out more about our House Painting Services

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Good To Know Ottawa News & Stuff

PG PAINT & DESIGN - Ottawa House Painters, Professional Residential Painting Services
PG PAINT & DESIGN – Ottawa House Painters, Professional Residential Painting Services

Well It’s almost October here in our beautiful City of Ottawa, and the weather doesn’t look too bad for today.  Tonight on the CTV News at 6 there was a great story about the last of the 3 runway’s that were recently updated at our Ottawa International Airport.  The final touches were made with Paint.  WOWZER’S that’s A-Lot-of-Paint that was used.  you’ll find the article below at the link. Then go back to our facebook page PG PAINT DESIGN Ottawa House Painters to enter the answer to our FB question.  C’mon it’ll be fun. 🙂

Welcome to our new and still trying to figure out blog ;)….  for PG Paint & Design, Ottawa Residential Painter. Thanks for stopping by and fingers crossed we eventually figure it out.  Have a beautiful day

Painting airport runway, Now that’s alot of paint, See the Ottawa-CTV News video here





Exterior Painting in the Fall

Stunning ROCKCLIFFE Park area in Ottawa, Exterior Painting by PG PAINT & DESIGN
Stunning ROCKCLIFFE Park area in Ottawa, Exterior House Painting by PG PAINT & DESIGN

Well it’s a sunny and hot gorgeous September afternoon temp is 26 feeling more like 32.  Who’d have thought that Ottawa would see another heat wave from just a couple of weeks ago when temperatures were down to the zero mark and even minus by night fall.

Today, we got a lot of things done, Our blog update for one 🙂  hopefully we can engage friends and visitors .  But the best part of my day today… was following our Italian tradition of making homemade sausages.  Made quite a batch of those and homemade italian salami, it’s my passtime passion when i’m not painting.  Must remember to take a picture next time of course too share with everyone.

As we get close to signing off to the end of September, we just wanted to remind you that it’s still great weather and temperature out there if you have Exterior Painting in the Ottawa Area to be done.  The warm temperatures have contributed to keeping the wood dry and the paint application easier.  If the weather keeps up we can still paint till end of October and hopefully onto mid November as in previous years.

Thanks for stopping by, this is only our 2nd blog Post for Painting in Ottawa.  We appreciate your patience as we navigate our way into getting into the habit of blogging.  Promise some pictures next time 🙂

Enjoy the gorgeous fall weekend Ottawa




Hello Ottawa!!!! It’s Thursday, September 11th 2014 and this is our very first post to our newly launched blog.

We’re glad to be here with you and look forward to sharing ideas.

We wish you a great night and we look forward to posting again soon.
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