Buying & Painting A House

new home owners had house painted by PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa house painters
New Home Owners

Back in November 2017 we had the great pleasure of painting the house for a couple who purchased their very first home here in Ottawa.

We’re a little super excited about this one as it’s our daughter and her boyfriend who took the plunge to become new home owners.  Woo Hoo  soooo excited for these guys!!!  🙂

They found their dream home thanks to our daughter’s great friend Tara Shields who is an awesome sales representative at Royal LePage Team Realty in Ottawa.

Tara took the time to look for the perfect place for this young couple.  She was meticulous in learning their likes and wants for what their first dream home should be.

houses in a row
Houses in Ottawa Neighborhood

We had the pleasure of being invited to some of the house viewings with our daughter, her boyfriend and Tara who had a great list of beautiful homes for us to visit on this one particular day.

She took the time to tell all of us the particulars of the home we were visiting.  From the age, to the neighborhood amenities and what upgrades were recently done and what may still need to be done.

After running around the city for a few hours, exploring many beautiful homes, we landed at this particular home in Ottawa’s East End.

It was pretty much love at first sight for all of us.  From the moment we all walked in everyone had the same feeling about this home.  We all loved the layout, the brightness of daylight that came through and the location.

There was lots to love about this house.  What was most important of course was that our daughter and her boyfriend really loved it, after all they would be the ones footing the bill for it’s purchase.

After a few hours they determined that was the one and the search ended.

Tara took care of everything for them very efficiently and even recommended a professional for the home inspection.  She really left them with nothing to worry about except signing on the dotted line.     🙂

We were so happy for our daughter and her boyfriend to have finally found their first house to get their lives started together.

Since we’re in the house painting business they didn’t need to look any further.  🙂

It was an absolute joy to paint their new house with paint colours they chose and we helped to make their home.

Painting the entire house in gray neutrals  was simple enough. It made the whole house bright, highlighted the natural lighting that shone through the windows and made it modern and cozy.

In these three pictures you’ll see the painting of the bedrooms, 2nd floor hallway/stairwell in the light gray paint colour.

Because they gave us pretty much a carte-blanche on painting, we surprised them with a punch of dark gray in the living and dining rooms as well as an accent in the kitchen.

And in the kitchen, we think it looks spectacular and they agreed.  We added the dark gray paint colour to accent the bulk head enclosure over the cabinets.

They were super surprised when they came home that night and saw the stunning accents of the darker gray in their main floor living space.

We want to thank Tara Shields for helping our kids find their perfect starter home.  If you’re looking for a professional real estate agent in the Ottawa area to help you find that perfect home, we highly recommend Tara.

We wish our daughter and her boyfriend many happy years together in their new home.  We’re thrilled and proud of both of them.

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The Concept Of Open Living Space

living room or parlour room in house

Remember the old days when a house had rooms that were all divided by doors.

There were doors of course to each bedroom, but do you remember the doors to the parlour room or a.k.a. sitting room?

Back in the day those were standard in homes. Having a sitting room/parlour meant that when guests arrived they were taken into that room usually at the front of the house.

vintage furniture in living room

Here is where conversations happened, food and drink was shared and hours were spent socializing.  Whether it was a group of ladies having afternoon tea and desserts, a group of men discussing business, or families gathering on a Sunday for the weekly get together, these rooms were well used.

open concept living room kitchen and family room

Flash forward to today 2018….  It’s been over a decade now that homes are built with the open concept living areas.  Even if you live in older homes the thought of open spaces is very appealing so walls begin to be taken down to make the home into an all open concept area.

The continual flow for the eye to look out from the kitchen and see the living room, dining room and family room all at a glance is appealing.

As much as it makes any house or condo look bigger it’s also useful to families with children as they can be watched over while they play or while dinner is prepared in the kitchen.

Pros and Cons to Open Concept Living

Are there downsides to open concept living? Should the parlour room / sitting room return?

open concept family room and kitchen

Privacy.  While someone is cooking dinner and others are trying to watch an important documentary or news bulletin on the T.V. or the kids are concentrating while sitting at the table doing homework, these can be considered distractions for all parties.

Of course there’s the upside that while cooking and homework are going on at same time it can be beneficial if they need help, you can easily help them out.

Safety  Most open areas have easy access to kitchen.  This is beneficial for all except maybe the little ones who are curious and might just want to find out why there’s a red flame coming from the gas stove element, or curious about seeing the bubbles from the boiling pot.

This is perhaps one of the times where having a closed off kitchen might be better.  This way it’s easy to close it off when we don’t want the little curious george’s investigating while we aren’t looking.

Although, today’s modern appliances have great new features for safety and making sure that the little ones are not harmed, there’s always something that could go wrong, when they want to know all the why’s, what’s and how’s.

Clutter From the children’s toys on the floor in the family room, to books scattered from their doing homework., to your just finished cooking and having dinner and the kitchen is still in tornado state, and all of a sudden unexpected guests arrive.

Maybe it’s the neighbor, friends who just happened to be in the neighborhood, they stop in.  How much easier would it be to have a door to that space you want to hide the clutter from them be.

The open concept, leaves little to hide in respect to the clutter.  Therefore when unexpected guests arrive there’s no where to hide.  🙂

Cozy spaces In today’s open concept homes there are no little cozy comfy spaces except for bathrooms and bedrooms.   🙂

With rooms that are separated there’s always one room one can escape the noise of the T.V. or music the other is listening to, or just those 15 minutes away from the kids, can be a door close away.

No Space Whether your just building your new home in the open concept way or you’re renovating an older home and taking away walls to create the open spaces, remember there will be less storage space.

With the open concept spaces, you want the visual flow of constant open space.  By adding shelving, or too many storage units it kind of defeats the open space theory.

Although there are many beautiful pieces that can be purchased and streamlined into the design, just note that most of the storage space will most likely be the basement or garage.

Not only is your space for storage reduced when you have less walls but you also have less space to display your photos or the artwork.  The whole appeal to open concept is less is more.

Heating and Cooling  The heating and cooling bills could be way higher for the bigger homes with all open concept.  If you consider that all that open space needs to be heated by one unit and there’s no place for it to stick around, you know the bills are gonna be higher.

When you have doors that can be closed off to confine the heat or air conditioning to that particular room, it helps to keep rooms warmer or cooler, and less stress on your furnace or air conditioner.

So whether your building or renovating a few things to remember when considering the open concept living space.

It’s great visual flow, making the house or condo look bigger and more spacious.

Having rooms divided or separated individually provides privacy as well maybe the return of the parlour / sitting room wouldn’t be that bad.  It would give us the opportunity of fitting into one room together and be all cozy and socialize for hours.

Painting Open Concept Homes

When painting an open concept home it’s either hard or easy to define where you want paint colours to start and end.

For some homeowners, they choose one paint colour to flow throughout the entire house.  While others prefer to choose different colours for different rooms .

open concept living area in house
open concept kitchen to living room and dining room

If the open concept area consists of family and living room area, and the kitchen is open to this space as well then choosing one paint colour makes perfect sense.

Perhaps a highlighted wall, painted in a darker shade would create a focal point and visual interest.

Because the bedrooms and bathrooms will have doors to create privacy, paint colours don’t have to match the rest of the open concept area.  In these rooms let your creativity and personality run free and paint any colour that fits your personality.

The why we choose the colours we do is reflected in this article on the psychology of paint colours.

Remember to take the lighting into consideration.  Do you get southern exposure, where the sun beams in most of the day, and how do the interior lights affect the look of the paint colour shade you select.

Don’t be afraid that dark colours will make a small room feel or look smaller.  In fact the opposite is true.

So in the end, open concept living is the most modern look for any home these days.  It’s spacious and beautiful.  Would you rather have the  rooms separated by doors or all open concept?

Thoughts?  Yay or Nay on open concept?  Leave us with your opinion, we’d love to know what your thoughts are.

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Painting Can Be A Mood Booster

Winter in Ottawa is long and cold.  Why not consider boosting your mood with a new paint colour.

Painting in the winter is a great opportunity to beat the winter blahs, improve the look of your homes interior and give that feeling of spring being around the corner an earlier arrival.

Having survived the Christmas holidays, the celebrations of new year, resolve one of the resolutions with a fresh paint colour.  Find out how the power of paint can give you and your home a head start on spring and summer outlook.

Simply starting with a new project can be enough to give you the re-energized feeling, brighten your days and improve your overall mood of getting through the long winter.

It’s psychology that paint colour can increase your energy and mood.  Painting in a colour that reflects your personality  is ideal to give you that creative space in your home.  Even if it’s a small room or space  it can be made to look larger with good planning on colour selection.

Getting your house painted in the middle of winter will give you a satisfying feeling of looking forward to spring and summer and it gives you a head start over friends and family and even neighbors who wait till summer to get the interior painted.  Be the envy of all, by surrounding yourself with beautiful paint colours, that bring that cozy home feeling we all love to retreat to at the end of a busy day.

If you do decide to paint the interior of your condo or house remember to pay attention to the paint sheen you choose as well as how lighting will affect the final paint colour.

Get started on some interior painting  It will improve your mood, and make winter feel like it’s ending way sooner rather than later.

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Gift Ideas For The DIY Painter In Your House

gift ideas for the DIY Painter

Thinking of what to buy for that special DIY painter in your family, why not think outside of the box and get them useful tools they can use for their next painting project.

Here are a few ideas to gift the Do-It-Yourself Painter in your life

Ideas for Gifts for the DIY Painter

Instead of the usual box of chocolates, pair of socks or tie, why not get them things they can use for their painting hobby.  If they enjoy painting a room at a time or the entire house then tools suggested below are useful for them.

Gift Idea #1  Buy them a tool that will help them with cutting in straight lines.  Instead of using a standard professional painters brush, they will have the ease of painting straight lines in corners, paint cut lines between ceiling and wall or at the baseboards.  They are useful for the man or woman who enjoys painting their own space and doesn’t want to use painters tape.  Buy them that Ceiling and Trim Paint Edger and take the edge off the pressure of painting between the lines 🙂

paint edger used for painting a straight line for ceiling, baseboards, windows and doors
Paint Edger for painting straight lines photo courtesy of Home Depot Stores in Ottawa Website

Gift Idea #2   Buy them paint brushes like professional painters use, follow these tips on how to pick the right paint brush for the job.  You can purchase individual paint brushes in different sizes or buy a complete set like the one in the photo below sold at local HomeDepot or Benjamin Moore Paint Stores check out the stores near you in Ottawa on google maps.

professional painting tools
Professional Painting tool Kit photo courtesy of Home Depot Ottawa stores

Gift Idea #3  To make pouring paint out of a can easier and less messy for the beginner painter buy them one of these easy put over the can paint pour spouts.  They are convenient and leaves little room for paint spills and messes.  They too are available at any local home supply centre or specialized paint store.  It is reusable and snaps on easily to standard paint cans.  The help prevent paint from dripping down the side and the rim stays clean.

paint can pour spout for pouring paint out of can
Paint Can Pour Spout is placed on open can and makes pouring out paint easier and less messy


Gift Idea #4   Plastic Wrap by the Roll.  It’s convenient to cover furniture and prevents paint spills from damaging floors or carpet.  For flooring or carpet make sure you lay down a canvas type drop cloth under the plastic wrap, it provides an additional strong barrier to ensure no damage to flooring.

Drop cloths (heavy duty) are also a good idea as gifts.  Buy both and that way everything is covered.  🙂

plastic wrap used by painters when painting
Plastic Wrap used to cover furniture, flooring and light fixtures when painting

You can also use a small piece to wrap up the paint brush if you don’t get finished painting and have to return within a few hours or even the next day.  It prevents the paint brush from drying up and alleviates your having to wash up the brush every time you have to stop because of an interruption.

Gift Idea #5  Painters Tape is also a great gift idea for the DIY Painter.  It provides them with the added protection of keeping the paint from transferring from the walls to the baseboards or from the trim on the ceiling onto the walls.  It also creates the perfect ruler for painting a straight line with a paint brush.
painters tape

Gift Idea #6  Another great idea than any painter can make good use of is caulking.  Why not buy them a caulking gun and a whole box of caulking tubes.  They can use them to make sure all gaps in the wood such as baseboards or crown moulding are properly filled.  All painting tools  have a job and a purpose.  From ceiling repairs, to drywall repairs

Gift Idea #7  Drywall compound comes in a bag or in a pre mixed form in a bucket.  These are key for making sure any paint surface is smoothed out of any imperfections.  Preparing a room for painting  is key to a successful smooth paint finish end result.

drywall compound for repairs used before painting
Drywall Compound comes in premixed form in a bucket

Gift Ideas for the DIY Painters

What can you buy the DIY house painter in your life? What kind of a gift can I buy a painter? are just a few of the questions you may be scratching your head over for the holiday season.

Any of the above listed painting tools are perfect gift ideas any time of year of course, but if you are looking for that useful gift they can put to use right away then any of the above mentions painters tools are handy and convenient to have around the house.  This way they are ready to paint at a moment’s notice 🙂

If all else fails because they already have all the painters tools they can possibly have, then why not paint their brushes in a decorative and festive way.  Turn them into a snowman, a reindeer or a santa, this way they can even be hung on the christmas tree and add to the home decor.

paint brushes
Happy Painting 


Happy Painting folks, and on behalf of myself and PG PAINT & DESIGN – Ottawa House Painters we wish you a Merry Christmas and Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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Rememberance Day

Today is November 11th and it is a day dedicated to remembering and honouring all the brave men and women who have served our country.

We are grateful to all those who have served, are serving and for all those who will serve.  We appreciate and honour their sacrifice in order that we may all have the freedoms we enjoy every day.

A Day of Remembrance

The poppy flower is a Canadian and international symbol that we wear close to  the heart on the left side of our coats, jackets etc.  It reflects the unification of all us to honour and remember our strong and brave men and women.

In 1915 the famous poem “In Flanders Fields”  was written by John McCrae.  We continue to recite this poem each year on the day of Remembrance November 11th.

It was also the start of the poppy fundraising campaign.  The monies collected when people buy their poppy each year is collected to help our veterans and their families.  It helps them financially, provides medical resources and equipment and assists them to obtain in home services or  long term care facilities.

Every time we buy a poppy and we contribute it’s a little bit of help we provide for all those who gave so much for all of us.  Visit The Canadian Legion website to make your contribution.

Each year beautiful ceremonies are held around the world to honour our soldiers, past, present and future.  In Ottawa we hold the ceremonies in the downtown core  at the statue of the “Unknown Soldier” where hundreds gather to pay their respects.

Remembering The Brave

We all our grateful for all the sacrifices these brave men and women made to serve their country, protect us and give us this beautiful freedom and country we call home.



Get Paint Off Your Clothes or Skin

paint on clothes

You get paint on your clothes now what?  Sure we can laugh about it 🙂 just like the guy in the pic, but if you really want it off then simply follow these tips on how to get paint off clothes and you’ll never know it was there.

Let’s say you  just finished doing a small touch up on interior painting  because you noticed a scratch or a blotch, or maybe even a missed streak. You take out the paint can and start to brush away.  Just when you think you are finished you look down to find paint on your clothes or even your hands or arms. Don’t despair it’s not too late, paint can be removed from either your clothes or skin.

One trick to find out what type of paint it is, is to test it.  Apply some rubbing alcohol on a clean white rag and dab the paint stain.  If the paint comes off on the rag then it’s a latex paint, acrylic paint and or water based paint.

painter gets paint on hands and clothes
paint on hands and or clothes

Removing a water based, latex, acrylic paint from either your skin or off your clothes is as simple as using some soap and water.  Because it’s mostly a water base paint to begin with it’s that easy to remove, yet luckily it’ll last for years on your walls.  🙂

If you have to remove an oil based paint then know that you will have to use chemicals such as turpentine or a paint thinner to help get the paint off your clothes.  If it’s on your skin, before turning to the chemicals sometimes you can get it off with some vegetable or olive oil from your kitchen.  Try putting some of the oil onto a rag and rubbing it on your skin till the paint comes off.  If it doesn’t then try some of the turpentine or paint thinner.

What You Need For Removing Paint From Clothes

You may already have some of these items on hand around the house.  Most likely the soap is a sure bet.  Whether it’s dish soap, laundry detergent or even a bar of soap any of them will do.  Of course not everyone has paint thinner or turpentine just lying around the house.  Head over to your nearest local home improvement store and pick up some.  Turpentine or paint thinner is not required to remove water based, acrylic, latex based paints, it is only needed to remove oil based paints.

A couple of other things you may need, if you don’t already have at home. Buy some rags, a couple of sponges, paper towels, duct tape, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, toothbrush, turpentine or paint thinner, disposable plastic bag or container, and cotton balls.  Now you are all set.  Let’s get started with trying to get that paint off your clothes.

Getting Latex Water Based Paint Off Clothes or Skin

The following are tips to help you remove latex, acrylic – water based paints off your clothes whether the paint is still fresh or even if it is dried.  The process to removing paint off your skin is the same.

Tip 1:   While the paint is still wet, place a couple of clean rags or paper towels under the area with the paint that needs to be removed.  This will prevent any further spreading or transferring of the paint.  Scrape off the wet paint blotch with the tip of a knife or spoon. Rinse under water (it can be warm or cold).  Using a clean rag or paper towels carefully blot over the area.  The rag or paper towels should absorb any of the excess paint. 

Tip 2:  In a not so visible or noticeable area of the fabric run a small patch test with liquid dish soap.  Rub the soap onto the paint stain with a finger or toothbrush, rinse it off under water.  If it is colour safe and the test run went well then go ahead place some paper towels or rags under the stained area as to not have any other part of the fabric soak up any of the paint,  and apply the liquid dish soap to the entire area with the paint stain,  work it up into a lather with your hands with a clean sponge.  Rinse and repeat as necessary, until all the paint is removed.  Although it’s best to remove the stain as soon as you notice without leaving it to sit for days.  The chances of it coming off are just so much better.

If you didn’t notice the paint until a few days later, it most likely has dried and you consider your clothing to be useless at this point.  Don’t despair just yet. In fact if you watch this video, the paint was on a sweatshirt for 10 years and with some elbow grease, patience and a little time it pretty much all came off.

Video credit to

Tip 3 Using cotton balls, soak them with a small amount of alcohol and apply directly onto the fabric dabbing as you go along.  Use the dabbing/ blotting technique or with a toothbrush if the paint has really hardened or has been on for sometime.


Video courtesy of

If you got oil based paints then try using olive oil, or vegetable oil or mineral oil. Canola, sunflower oils will do the trick as well.  Most times getting either the interior oil based paint which is hardly used in house painting anymore or for exterior paint in oil is easy enough to get off clothes or skin with any of the above mentioned oils.  If the oil based paint is a little more stubborn and makes it difficult to come off then use turpentine or paint thinner you can purchase at any local home improvement store.

If you have hired a professional house painting company  to do the painting in your house and you just happen to accidentally walk past and rub against the fresh paint and you get some on your clothes or your arm or elbow,  just ask the painter whether it is latex, acrylic – water based paint or oil based paint.   There is a difference between the types of paint which will help you know what product and or process you will need to clean it off.

Read more tips on interior painting in these articles.  From topics on paint to how to hire a professional painters to what tools you will need to get your house painting jobs done you’ll find many great tips and advice.

Ciao for now

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Tips For Decorating On A Budget

decorating home decor
Redecorate your space

Looking to update your home without it costing you an enormous amount of money.  You don’t have to have a huge budget to get upgrades done to your house, condo or apartment.

Budget friendly updates in home decor can be as simple as changing an area rug, or the colours of the pillows.  Let’s get started with a few tips I’ve put together to help bring out the creative you.

Decorating Ideas You Can Afford

Taking the first step in deciding where to begin with home improvements and upgrades is never easy.  I recommend if you are on a budget to tackle one room or project at a time.  Each room comes with it’s own unique expense.  For example a total  kitchen upgrade will cost you more than simply painting a room.  So the first decision you need to make aside from how much you are going to spend is decide on which room you want to upgrade the most and if it fits the budget you start planning.

Tips on Saving Money for Home Decorating

To help get you started with saving money for home decorating I’ve put together these tips.  They will be your guide to getting the new look for your space while saving you money.

Tip 1:  Start with Cleaning & Decluttering –  Yes we’ve all got boxes and closets that are full to the brim of things we don’t use or wear any longer.  Why not consider decluttering.  Decluttering a room can be stressing to get started but once it is done you’ll have a feeling of having more space.

Start with getting rid of clothing you haven’t used or worn for at least 2 years. Place them into boxes and consider donating them to one of our local Ottawa Thrift Stores like St. Vincent De Paul .

Depending on which room you are updating, you may even have furniture, appliances, and other household items that either you no longer have use for or your budget allows you to replace them with new modern ones.  Consider donating these as well.

furniture and appliances for home decorating

Tip 2: Painting – If there’s one affordable way to update any room in your house it would have to be painting.  Adding a fresh paint colour to any room brings new life to any home decor.  With huge selections of colours to choose from from any paint manufacturer.  I personally always like the  Benjamin Moore Paints

interior painting
Painting is an affordable upgrade to the interior of your house

Painting yourself as a DIY project will save you money.  All you need to do is purchase the paint.  If your budget allows you to hire a professional painting company then the extra splurge will be worth it.

If you’ve never painted before and are looking for advice I found some useful How To  tips that may help get you started.

How To Paint the Interior of A House

Proper planning of your time, supplies and materials you will need to tackle your DIY house painting is crucial before getting started. The following are tips, steps in how to and advice of what you will need and how to plan.

Transform your space with these tips on “how to paint the interior of a house”.

If you are unsure of paint colours and how to choose them and which paint finishes or sheens to select I found these two articles to help guide you.

What is a Paint Sheen or Finish

How to Pick the Right Paint

From patching to repairing any drywall damage, to whether you should prime before painting read the “Interior House Painting Tips”  in the link below.  These tips are from a professional painter

You’ll find more useful tips and advice from a professional painter on their blog posts 

If you are going to go ahead and do the painting yourself then you should know “how to prepare a room for painting”.  There are steps that need to be followed in order for you to get the best quality results in doing your own house painting.

If you are looking for useful tips in video format check out the DIY network video with tips on preparation before painting

Wallpaper is making a come back in home decor.  Wallpapering is yet another budget friendly option to update a room.  If you are installing it make sure to ask the friendly staff at any local Ottawa store on how to or you can find it anywhere on the internet too.  If you are removing the wallpaper  then you should take note of steps to removing it and repairing the drywall before painting in order to have a perfect smooth painted finish.  

Tips from Better Homes and Garden on “How To Wallpaper a Room”

Tip 3 Add in the Accessories – Now if you are on a very limited budget and cannot go ahead with some of the upgrades mentioned above then something as easy as changing the pillows on your sofa, adding in a new lamp, hanging a new picture, changing an area rug, a new bed comforter are all great ideas on changing up the look to your space.  They are not as expensive as changing the entire flooring, kitchen cabinets, or bathroom vanities.
Even if your budget doesn’t currently allow you to get the painting done then changing up the accessories will allow you to add that punch of new colour and give you a feeling of a fresh new home decor look.

I hope you’ve found these few tips to be useful. Please share if you did.

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