Rememberance Day

Today is November 11th and it is a day dedicated to remembering and honouring all the brave men and women who have served our country.

We are grateful to all those who have served, are serving and for all those who will serve.  We appreciate and honour their sacrifice in order that we may all have the freedoms we enjoy every day.

A Day of Remembrance

The poppy flower is a Canadian and international symbol that we wear close to  the heart on the left side of our coats, jackets etc.  It reflects the unification of all us to honour and remember our strong and brave men and women.

In 1915 the famous poem “In Flanders Fields”  was written by John McCrae.  We continue to recite this poem each year on the day of Remembrance November 11th.

It was also the start of the poppy fundraising campaign.  The monies collected when people buy their poppy each year is collected to help our veterans and their families.  It helps them financially, provides medical resources and equipment and assists them to obtain in home services or  long term care facilities.

Every time we buy a poppy and we contribute it’s a little bit of help we provide for all those who gave so much for all of us.  Visit The Canadian Legion website to make your contribution.

Each year beautiful ceremonies are held around the world to honour our soldiers, past, present and future.  In Ottawa we hold the ceremonies in the downtown core  at the statue of the “Unknown Soldier” where hundreds gather to pay their respects.

Remembering The Brave

We all our grateful for all the sacrifices these brave men and women made to serve their country, protect us and give us this beautiful freedom and country we call home.



Get Paint Off Your Clothes or Skin

paint on clothes

You get paint on your clothes now what?  Sure we can laugh about it 🙂 just like the guy in the pic, but if you really want it off then simply follow these tips on how to get paint off clothes and you’ll never know it was there.

Let’s say you  just finished doing a small touch up on interior painting  because you noticed a scratch or a blotch, or maybe even a missed streak. You take out the paint can and start to brush away.  Just when you think you are finished you look down to find paint on your clothes or even your hands or arms. Don’t despair it’s not too late, paint can be removed from either your clothes or skin.

One trick to find out what type of paint it is, is to test it.  Apply some rubbing alcohol on a clean white rag and dab the paint stain.  If the paint comes off on the rag then it’s a latex paint, acrylic paint and or water based paint.

painter gets paint on hands and clothes
paint on hands and or clothes

Removing a water based, latex, acrylic paint from either your skin or off your clothes is as simple as using some soap and water.  Because it’s mostly a water base paint to begin with it’s that easy to remove, yet luckily it’ll last for years on your walls.  🙂

If you have to remove an oil based paint then know that you will have to use chemicals such as turpentine or a paint thinner to help get the paint off your clothes.  If it’s on your skin, before turning to the chemicals sometimes you can get it off with some vegetable or olive oil from your kitchen.  Try putting some of the oil onto a rag and rubbing it on your skin till the paint comes off.  If it doesn’t then try some of the turpentine or paint thinner.

What You Need For Removing Paint From Clothes

You may already have some of these items on hand around the house.  Most likely the soap is a sure bet.  Whether it’s dish soap, laundry detergent or even a bar of soap any of them will do.  Of course not everyone has paint thinner or turpentine just lying around the house.  Head over to your nearest local home improvement store and pick up some.  Turpentine or paint thinner is not required to remove water based, acrylic, latex based paints, it is only needed to remove oil based paints.

A couple of other things you may need, if you don’t already have at home. Buy some rags, a couple of sponges, paper towels, duct tape, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, toothbrush, turpentine or paint thinner, disposable plastic bag or container, and cotton balls.  Now you are all set.  Let’s get started with trying to get that paint off your clothes.

Getting Latex Water Based Paint Off Clothes or Skin

The following are tips to help you remove latex, acrylic – water based paints off your clothes whether the paint is still fresh or even if it is dried.  The process to removing paint off your skin is the same.

Tip 1:   While the paint is still wet, place a couple of clean rags or paper towels under the area with the paint that needs to be removed.  This will prevent any further spreading or transferring of the paint.  Scrape off the wet paint blotch with the tip of a knife or spoon. Rinse under water (it can be warm or cold).  Using a clean rag or paper towels carefully blot over the area.  The rag or paper towels should absorb any of the excess paint. 

Tip 2:  In a not so visible or noticeable area of the fabric run a small patch test with liquid dish soap.  Rub the soap onto the paint stain with a finger or toothbrush, rinse it off under water.  If it is colour safe and the test run went well then go ahead place some paper towels or rags under the stained area as to not have any other part of the fabric soak up any of the paint,  and apply the liquid dish soap to the entire area with the paint stain,  work it up into a lather with your hands with a clean sponge.  Rinse and repeat as necessary, until all the paint is removed.  Although it’s best to remove the stain as soon as you notice without leaving it to sit for days.  The chances of it coming off are just so much better.

If you didn’t notice the paint until a few days later, it most likely has dried and you consider your clothing to be useless at this point.  Don’t despair just yet. In fact if you watch this video, the paint was on a sweatshirt for 10 years and with some elbow grease, patience and a little time it pretty much all came off.

Video credit to

Tip 3 Using cotton balls, soak them with a small amount of alcohol and apply directly onto the fabric dabbing as you go along.  Use the dabbing/ blotting technique or with a toothbrush if the paint has really hardened or has been on for sometime.


Video courtesy of

If you got oil based paints then try using olive oil, or vegetable oil or mineral oil. Canola, sunflower oils will do the trick as well.  Most times getting either the interior oil based paint which is hardly used in house painting anymore or for exterior paint in oil is easy enough to get off clothes or skin with any of the above mentioned oils.  If the oil based paint is a little more stubborn and makes it difficult to come off then use turpentine or paint thinner you can purchase at any local home improvement store.

If you have hired a professional house painting company  to do the painting in your house and you just happen to accidentally walk past and rub against the fresh paint and you get some on your clothes or your arm or elbow,  just ask the painter whether it is latex, acrylic – water based paint or oil based paint.   There is a difference between the types of paint which will help you know what product and or process you will need to clean it off.

Read more tips on interior painting in these articles.  From topics on paint to how to hire a professional painters to what tools you will need to get your house painting jobs done you’ll find many great tips and advice.

Ciao for now

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Tips For Decorating On A Budget

decorating home decor
Redecorate your space

Looking to update your home without it costing you an enormous amount of money.  You don’t have to have a huge budget to get upgrades done to your house, condo or apartment.

Budget friendly updates in home decor can be as simple as changing an area rug, or the colours of the pillows.  Let’s get started with a few tips I’ve put together to help bring out the creative you.

Decorating Ideas You Can Afford

Taking the first step in deciding where to begin with home improvements and upgrades is never easy.  I recommend if you are on a budget to tackle one room or project at a time.  Each room comes with it’s own unique expense.  For example a total  kitchen upgrade will cost you more than simply painting a room.  So the first decision you need to make aside from how much you are going to spend is decide on which room you want to upgrade the most and if it fits the budget you start planning.

Tips on Saving Money for Home Decorating

To help get you started with saving money for home decorating I’ve put together these tips.  They will be your guide to getting the new look for your space while saving you money.

Tip 1:  Start with Cleaning & Decluttering –  Yes we’ve all got boxes and closets that are full to the brim of things we don’t use or wear any longer.  Why not consider decluttering.  Decluttering a room can be stressing to get started but once it is done you’ll have a feeling of having more space.

Start with getting rid of clothing you haven’t used or worn for at least 2 years. Place them into boxes and consider donating them to one of our local Ottawa Thrift Stores like St. Vincent De Paul .

Depending on which room you are updating, you may even have furniture, appliances, and other household items that either you no longer have use for or your budget allows you to replace them with new modern ones.  Consider donating these as well.

furniture and appliances for home decorating

Tip 2: Painting – If there’s one affordable way to update any room in your house it would have to be painting.  Adding a fresh paint colour to any room brings new life to any home decor.  With huge selections of colours to choose from from any paint manufacturer.  I personally always like the  Benjamin Moore Paints

interior painting
Painting is an affordable upgrade to the interior of your house

Painting yourself as a DIY project will save you money.  All you need to do is purchase the paint.  If your budget allows you to hire a professional painting company then the extra splurge will be worth it.

If you’ve never painted before and are looking for advice I found some useful How To  tips that may help get you started.

How To Paint the Interior of A House

Proper planning of your time, supplies and materials you will need to tackle your DIY house painting is crucial before getting started. The following are tips, steps in how to and advice of what you will need and how to plan.

Transform your space with these tips on “how to paint the interior of a house”.

If you are unsure of paint colours and how to choose them and which paint finishes or sheens to select I found these two articles to help guide you.

What is a Paint Sheen or Finish

How to Pick the Right Paint

From patching to repairing any drywall damage, to whether you should prime before painting read the “Interior House Painting Tips”  in the link below.  These tips are from a professional painter

You’ll find more useful tips and advice from a professional painter on their blog posts 

If you are going to go ahead and do the painting yourself then you should know “how to prepare a room for painting”.  There are steps that need to be followed in order for you to get the best quality results in doing your own house painting.

If you are looking for useful tips in video format check out the DIY network video with tips on preparation before painting

Wallpaper is making a come back in home decor.  Wallpapering is yet another budget friendly option to update a room.  If you are installing it make sure to ask the friendly staff at any local Ottawa store on how to or you can find it anywhere on the internet too.  If you are removing the wallpaper  then you should take note of steps to removing it and repairing the drywall before painting in order to have a perfect smooth painted finish.  

Tips from Better Homes and Garden on “How To Wallpaper a Room”

Tip 3 Add in the Accessories – Now if you are on a very limited budget and cannot go ahead with some of the upgrades mentioned above then something as easy as changing the pillows on your sofa, adding in a new lamp, hanging a new picture, changing an area rug, a new bed comforter are all great ideas on changing up the look to your space.  They are not as expensive as changing the entire flooring, kitchen cabinets, or bathroom vanities.
Even if your budget doesn’t currently allow you to get the painting done then changing up the accessories will allow you to add that punch of new colour and give you a feeling of a fresh new home decor look.

I hope you’ve found these few tips to be useful. Please share if you did.

Ciao for now

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Painting And Sewing Get Married

summer time in Ottawa
The joys of Ottawa summer time

Already June is coming to an end.  Can’t believe it right.  I mean our summer in Ottawa this year started way to late, and of course it’s rained so much.

I had becomed used to having our summers start in March or early April most years recently and the humidity coming in right about in May.  Our summers have been good to us lasting right to end of October and sometimes even December right.  Remember just a year or two ago we had a green Christmas for first time in history…… well at least my history 🙂

So what have we been up to.


It’s been a busy year for us as house painters in Ottawa , and for this we are thankful.  We are currently booked solid until September and we’ve got clients already booked for November.  We feel so blessed and fortunate and we thank our Ottawa community for their support of our local house painting company.

I’ve been busy updating and maintaining our website and posting new blog articles on topics like how to paint,  painters advice ,  paint colour trends in Ottawa homes, to explaining the differences between different paints, paint problems and solutions and more.  Check out our new website and all our blog articles.  Give them a share if you like them and find them useful, as I would appreciate it as I have worked long and hard on both. 🙂  I’ll keep adding more on a weekly basis so check back often for useful information.

Please and Thank You in there of course  🙂

So enough with the painting stuff already,  right?

two people just resting on ground from exhaustion after house painting
Time to Rest and Chill
House Painting is Done

I had promised in my last blog that I was gonna start posting stuff about decorating and home decor and actually even maybe an italian recipe every so often.

Well I’ve got both combined in this one  🙂 Hope you enjoy

shows a patio chair lounger for outdoors in Ottawa
backyard patio furniture

Here we go.  So many of us have outdoor patio furniture right.  Whether it has the chair pads or not, if you leave them outside in our cold Ottawa winters they get damaged.

The cold, the humidity and the weight of the snow ends up corroding the steel or iron they’re made of.  Even those pvc ones get ruined.  They start to look grungy from being left out all the time especially in the winter, but all it really is, is they’ve been damaged from the environment.  The sun, the rain, the snow, they all play a harsh game on them especially if you leave them outside over the winter months.

Painting and Sewing are Married

You know you can always paint the pvc ones right?  Yup a simple can of spray paint, in whatever colour you want them to be will give you at least another year or two of use from them.

I had sprayed our pvc ones years ago.  Of course it was before iphones and online photo saving.  The pictures are probably buried somewhere in my basement, but i won’t go digging them up just now 🙂

piggy bank for saving money
saved every penny

Over the years I saved and saved until I had enough to buy myself some new patio chairs and loungers, for my backyard and front porch.

Here’s the scoop tho.  I paid dirt cheap for them because……  i waited until the summer was done and the stores were clearing out their summer stock. I ended up buying Gluckstein loungers at the now closed Home Outfitters store on Merivale Road in Ottawa.  They were selling them for $600.00 a piece and I bought the last two when I happened to walk in one day and they were clearing them out.  I paid $225.00 for both of them.  It was a lucky day, for me finding these cozy padded loungers.

So that was my first steal.

A few days later I went into the Zellers, again now closed on Merivale Road and low and behold there was this gorgeous 4 piece set.  It included 2 chairs and two foot rests.  They were originally selling them for $425.00, guess how much i paid for them?

lady thinking about guessing cost
Guess how much ?

Only $150.00 for all four pieces.  I KNOW RIGHT ???   I was so thrilled I had all the pieces I wanted for my backyard patio furniture set and got them all at a real bargoon.

Here’s all the two sets i bought for under $400.00 for all 7 pieces

So, of course now I thought I was on a roll so I kept going to stores every few days until I found a wicker set of chairs at our local Canadian Tire store  on Merivale Road.  Oh by the way it’s still open  🙂

I found a gorgeous set of 2 wicker chairs with a little ottoman or more like a little table to put your drinks on is what i use it for.  Again it was like over $400.00 at regular price and i got the three pieces for $150.00.

Well these worked for the first year, as i made sure to bring the cushions indoors to save them from the elements.  On year two, life just happened and got too busy and I ended up forgetting them outside over the winter.  Needless to say they weren’t looking to nice anymore.


To save myself some money and not have to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on buying a new patio set and chairs for our front porch, and new chairs and loungers for our backyard I decided to bring back my home economics class skills back.

potatoe cries over cut fries
Seriously had no idea what I was doing in home cooking & sewing class

Honestly, I didn’t think I would ever learn anything in that class 🙂 LOL!!  LOL!!! my friend and I would skip that class as much as possible on most days, but i guess i was there on sewing days.  🙂   Oh to be young again….  i’d do it again !!! LOL LOL

No but seriously tho, i wanted to save money in not buying new furniture so i decided i was going to make slip covers for all the chairs and the loungers in my backyard as well as my front porch.

So the covers they originally came in I don’t have a picture of them but they were all beige.  After I year, i made new covers and here’s the backyard set after a year with the then new covers.

these were the covers i sewed for the set after just one year.

Again I left them all outside over the winter months and by the following year they were looking even worse then when I made these orangey cover thing a ma bobs ???

So last year again end of summerish, I bought some more material at Fabric Land near the Loblaws store on Baseline and Merivale Roads.  Because of end of season and I took the end of the roll sale ones I got a bargain on the material too.  What should have cost me over $400.00 in fabric alone I got all the material I needed to cover the two loungers, the loveseat, the two chairs in the backyard plus the two wicker chairs and the two chairs on the front porch all for $120.00 approx.

So here’s what they look like today.  I won’t go on with a step by step instruction because I know I talk to much and it’s the same when I’m writing I can go on forever.  My children always say what should be a 20 second story takes me at least 3 minutes.

Here’s this years new slip covers with zippers that I can just remove this fall and throw into the wash and I don’t care if the chairs sit out all winter, cause come spring i’ll just zip up the new covers over them.

That’s it that’s all.  New patio furniture at a fraction of the price.

Oh wait, before I go, my facebook friends had asked me to share the recipe to my homemade gelato that I made just last night.  It’s one main ingredient and the flavours you can make are endless.

Here’s the recipe.

You need three bananas for every batch of different flavour you want to make

Peel and cut ripe banana into chunks and lay it out on a cookie sheet, freeze them until they are frozen 🙂 other wise you get mush.

Last night I made banana walnut and maple syrup gelato

Put the three peeled and frozen chunks of banana into a blender or a do it all machine like a cuisineart or whatever they are called.  I got one of the Ninja things at the costco on huntclub. It’s the best it blends, crushes and kneads dough when i want it to

So ya without going off track again.  three frozen banana chunks into blender

Add 1tsp. of vanilla, add however many walnuts you like, and about 2 or 3 tbsp. of maple syrup.  Turn on the blender, and watch it cream all together in under 5 minutes.

It literally takes 5 minutes from start to finish.  Once it’s all blended and creamy textured like a gelato anywhere, just scoop it into a container, you can try it then or throw it into the freezer to enjoy whenever you want.

So as long as you use the three bananas as your base, you can add strawberries, chocolate chips or chunks, you can make a blueberry gelato, heck you can spice it up I guess if you wanted to with a touch of your favourite liquor.  Enjoy it, it’s actually good for you cause the only sugar is from the natural ingredients, no additives and no preservatives.

Ciao for now

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Oh and don’t forget to check our other blog posts on information for paint, painters and painting .  Thanks for taking the time, I hope you enjoyed it and share it.


Painting And Decorating


hanging lights in brown, fuscia, pink, blue, orange, red and purple

Super Excited to announce my new project ideas for this blog site.  I hope you’ll check back often for updates.  I am going to start including more ideas on home decor with focus on painting and decorating and how to get your house looking like a million bucks on a budget.

Painting & Decorating

Well I’ve always had a passion for decorating the house.  I’ve always loved going through catalogues or online to choose paint colours.  I’ve always loved buying furniture, accessories on a budget  and everything else to beautify the home and making it look like a model home.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and my own opinions on paint colours and the power of paint colours in house painting,  because I love the way some paint colours bring serenity to any room of the house.  My favorites these days are Gray’s in different hues.  From blue to brown to green paint hues, the Gray’s are so very popular in Ottawa area homes.  I’ll be updating you on  what is new and trending, my likes in furniture and accessories, and more.  Sure we may not have the same tastes but they are  ideas and easy on the budget.

From when we bought our first house and had it painted, changed the ceramic, added dark cherry coloured french doors, and dark hardwood flooring, to picking out the neutral paint colours for painting, and the colour of the couch and picture frames, i’ve always had that passion. I love to decorate the home.

Although I am not an interior designer or a home stager I  do have a passion for home decor.  Many of our house painting clients have asked for my suggestions on what colours to chose, so I send them suggestions.  Some times they go with my ideas, other times they go a shade lighter than what i suggested or sometimes their just more comfortable having the same paint colour again, only a tone or two darker.  It still gives them a refresh and a new coat of paint and just revives the room or house.

Find A Painter in Ottawa

If you are looking to hire and trying to find a painter in Ottawa, you may already know if you’ve been following this blog, My name is Pina Germano A.K.A. the painter’s wife 🙂  and I am also the proud co-owner with my husband  Pino of PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters.  You can read more about us to find out more about our painting company.

I’ve been writing the posts on everything about painting for a few years now and i’m going to explore and branch out to more of the home decor and beauty of the room and interior of our houses.  Our house painters blog still exists it’s just now more focused on our main website and this one will be combining painting and decorating.  You can read the Blog articles there.

I’m super excited and proud to announce the release of our updated website for our  painting company in Ottawa that was re launched back in April.  It’s new and improved and we hope you like it and that  you will visit and contact us  for any of our painters services.

Stay tuned , and please come back, I hope to put up another post real soon.

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Sell Your House Faster

Sell Your House Faster

Selling your house in Ottawa? Want to get that Sold sign up faster? Sometimes it’s as easy as painting a fresh new coat of paint.

 Fresh Coat of Paint helps sell your house faster

A fresh Coat of Paint especially in a neutral tone will always be a good investment for reselling your house in the Ottawa Real Estate Market.
What paint colours work best you may be asking.  Painters in Ottawa offer the following samples as a guideline to choosing paint colours that will work best for getting the house sold quickly.
painting of living room in dark gray back wall and light gray paint on other walls
A living room painted in neutral paint colours such as a darker gray accent wall and lighter gray on remaining walls is a great look for resale.

Neutral Paint Colours

When you want to stay on the safe side of choosing a paint colour neutral’s are always the perfect go to colour palette.  Whether it’s gray’s, beige’s green’s or blue’s there’s a neutral hue and tone in every colour.   You can read more about Neutral Paint Colours and how it increase the market value of your home as well as the comfort and cozy feeling most neutrals bring into the home decor.
White painted room with large windows
White Paint Colour gives a clean, crisp and fresh look to any interior painting

White Paint Colour Palette

Painting a room or entire house in a white paint makes everything appear larger especially if there are many windows that let in the sun and daylight. White Paint is the most neutral you can go.  It’s easy on the eye as well as easy to paint over if a fresh coat is all that is needed.  It’s a simple yet crisp and clean environment that can be highlighted with bold coloured accessories such as dark furniture, accent rugs, throw pillow and wall art.
hallway and stairs in dark blue paint colour
Dark Paint Colours add drama to interior home decor

Dark Paint Colours

Dark Hues and Tones in any Paint Colour will most definitely add a punch of drama to any home decor. Although they are perfect for places like the entrance as seen in the photo above, they are also perfect for an accent wall in any room of your house.  There is a consideration though if you are planning on selling your home, the choice of dark paint colours you choose may not be the ones to attract potential buyers.
As much as the interior painting is important to sell your house faster, the exterior of your home should look just as pretty for all potential buyers. Painting the exterior of your house is  important maintenance  to factor in when reselling your property, it provides that curb appeal that will also make you the envy of your neighborhood.
We hope you found this information helpful.  If you have questions contact your local Ottawa House Painters – PG PAINT & DESIGN to set up an estimate and paint colour consultation.
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How to Paint a House Like a Professional Painter


planning a house painting project
Planning a house painting project?

Planning a house painting project? Tackling it on your own?  Are you wondering where to start, what tools you will need?  Want to know how to paint a house like a professional painter? We hope these tips help you achieve as close to a professional house painting result.

House Painters Tools

It starts with the proper  tools.

Purchases to be made:

  1. Painter’s tape.  Use it as a guide and protector around the glass on windows, the trim and baseboards and it may be helpful for you to paint a straight cut line. Buy a roll of plastic sheet to cover the floors and furniture.
  2. Invest in good quality paint brush(s) and paint roller(s). The cheaper ones will leave behind hairs or fibers, and won’t apply the paint as well and you’ll most likely run into paint problems.
  3. Buy caulking and applicator to seal any cracks around the windows, trim and baseboards. Caulking before painting is an important step to achieving good results.
  4. Get the best quality paint product your budget allows.  Not all paints are created equal.
  5. Buy a putty knife and filler to patch nail pops, dents, holes or imperfections. If there is more damage to the drywall than just nail pops or small holes then you need to get a trowel and drywall compound to do drywall repairs.  See our tips on how to avoid paint blocking or sticking problems.
repair of drywall holes and imperfections
repair drywall holes and imperfections

A House Painter’s Tips

sanding block or sandpaper used to remove imperfections on walls before paintingSanding all the trim, baseboards and drywall repairs using a sponge sanding block or sheet of sandpaper ensures smooth surfaces before painting.


Prime the walls and ceilings with a paint primer.  If you have stains due to water damage or smoke stains then the Kilz Original spray can is ideal for small spot coverage like the ceiling or wood grains of trim or baseboards.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to quality paint and primer products as you’ll regret the choices made.  There really is a difference between the paint, the primer and the all in one paints . Splurge on the better product and you will get better results for your house painting project.

Congrat’s with all the information above you should be able to have your space looking fabulous. Perhaps in a few months or a year or so you may need to do some touch ups or repaint because life just happens.

House Painters and painting is the one thing you want to make sure you have the very best of.  It’s an investment you make just like when you purchase your new house or condo.  When you hire a professional house painter in Ottawa you will be guaranteed top notch quality that comes with years of experience, knowledge, skill and discipline, and your house painting investment will be enjoyed for years to come.

Take a peak at our Ottawa house painting services and give us a call or drop us an email if your looking to hire a professional house painter in Ottawa. We also provide paint colour consultation with the painting estimate so that all your questions regarding paint finishes, sheens and colours can be addressed.

We hope these tips have been helpful. Feel free to visit our Testimonials, our online Reviews and photo gallery

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Thanks for reading our How to Paint a house like a professional house painter post

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